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  • Subashini Pallianysamy

Spicy Sardine Varuval

This is yet again another repost of my 9 year old Top 10 recipe views on my old blog (https://www.shinieskitchen.com/post/sardine-varuval). We are back with an improved version of the recipe. And this time, we have a video so that it would be easier for you to try at home.

When I said sardine it is actually canned fish in tomato sauce. As an Food Technologist Im was lucky enough to experience all the process involved in making a canned fish. Basically the process involves chopping off the head,cleaning the guts, thorough washing, arrange in cans where sauce will be added. Lastly, it will go for retort heating method. That's why the bones of the fish crumbles and don't harm you even when you don't remove the bones. High heat treatment is involved in this process.

I'm well aware that there are some claims regarding parasites residing in canned fish. As a Food Technologist myself, I can tell you no parasites will harm your body as the fish already undergo high heat treatment. So whatever parasites in the fish will turn into protein. But then we need to realize one thing, no fish is free from parasites. It's just not visible most of the time in our naked eyes. Just a small awareness story

from me.

Some like me, loves sardines. Sardine Sambal with just egg omelet and hot rice. One word. Heaven. I still remember during my University days, whenever my friends return from their hometown, they definitely will pack some food for us. Sardine will definitely be in the list. I still remember how we sit together and eat as a group. Memories to be cherished always.

So canned sardine always will come to rescue whenever you out of idea or you want something simple at home. So today I made a twist from the usual sambal. I made sardine varuval instead. And its spicy...very spicy.

Best combined with sothi or rasam. Sothi is a traditional indian coconut cream gravy mixed with any kind of vegetables.

So please try and share your happiness with us.