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Kavinash Corner's : Simple Egg Sandwich

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

He's been asking for this for some time already. And finally, it's here. A dedicated corner for my 11 year old son, Kavinash.

As the saying goes, "Like mother, Like son" he likes to cook too. In fact, he's my little helper whenever I need him and a nuisance sometimes. hahaha

So, a day before he made a drawing and listed the items that he needs to make it happen. The very first Kavinash Corner's Simple Egg Sandwich.

Checkout the video below :

Ingredients :

1 egg

2 slice of breads

Freshly ground black pepper

Sliced cucumbers

Sliced tomatoes

Cheddar Cheese



Chili sauce


How did he make it?

1. Cut the edges of the bread and make a hole in the middle. Do this for both slice

2. Break the egg into a bowl

3. Add the black pepper and a hint of thyme

4. Mix it well.

5. Heat up the grill pan and add some butter

6. Put the sliced tomatoes and grill both sides.

7. Once done,hear up a normal pan and add some butter.

8. Put the bread and pour the egg. Wait until egg is cooked and turn it the other side.

9. Do the same for the other bread as well.

10. Place the bread on a plate and garnish with sliced cucumber and grilled tomatoes

11. Add cheddar cheese and and chili sauce.

12. Close it with the other bread.

It's ready to eat now and goes well with a cup of fresh orange juice or hot chocolate.