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  • Viknarajan Govindrajin

Rose Infused Tea with Grass Jelly and Lychee

One fine afternoon while we were cooking, a thought crossed both our minds. I would be nice to make juice to go together with our Vegetarian Mock Chicken LemonGrass Sambal to quench our thirst. It was a hot day indeed.

I suggested why not we make Grass Jelly juice. In Malay, its called 'cincau' but back in my beloved hometown we call it 'Lengkong'. Honestly, I prefer to call it Lengkong than Cincau.

Ok, back to the story. 😁

My wife had another idea which was to make Rose infused tea.

Hmmm....why not combine both, I said.

And that is how The Rose Infused Tea with Grass Jelly was born.

Nice story huh? 😅

This is what transpired last week.

And for today's recipe we topped it off with Lychee. And oh my, it was mind-blowing. Hahaha.

Just try the below recipe if you don't trust me.

Ingredients :

1. A cup of Dried Rose Flower Buds. ( We bought it online as its still MCO period. This is the link that I used )

2. Grass Jelly - cut into cubes or shredded.

3. Lychee - you can replace it with Longan as well for extra crunchiness

4. Honeycomb Sugar

5. 1 litre of water

6. Ice cubes

How to make it?

1. Boil the water in a pot.

2. Once it's starting to boil, add the honey comb sugar according to your preference.

3. After the sugar is fully melted, add a cup of dried rose buds. Let it boil until you see the buds turn pale.

4. Turn of the stove and strain the rose infused tea into a jug. Let it become warm first.

5. Put some ice cubes into a cup and pour the warm tea.

6. Add the grass jelly and lychee.

There's no more steps after this except to have a sip and enjoy the afternoon staying at home

This is a other post during Movement Control Order in Malaysia due to Covid-19.

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