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Mum's Recipe : Peanut Coconut Candy

Legend has it that this recipe was passed on by a Japanese warrior to my grandmother during the Japanese occupation in Tanah Melayu. And since then it was passed over to my mom and then to myself.And now, it's for the whole world to know this delicious recipe.
Nah..just kidding.

My mom has actually written this recipe a very very long time a go. How long you ask? Checkout the picture below. It's her recipe book which she passed on to me. A lot of recipes inside. Its like a treasure for me since I love cooking.

This candy will definitely will be on our table on every Deepavali celebration when I was a kid. When I furthered my studies in the university, my mom will pack the candy each time after the semester break to bring back to the hostel.

Just so that you know, my mom is such an expert as she can say what went wrong just by looking at it, even from a photo. I think there's so much for me to learn from my mother. In fact, one of the reason I even started this YouTube channel is to honor her long time request. She's playing a big role in my passion for cooking. Even though sometimes I feel she's too demanding or pushing me, but at the end there's something a lesson learned or something to cherish. I love you always mummy.

OK, that's enough drama for the day. Come lets start with the recipe. The candies should taste milky, chewy and nutty. So the proportion of milk and cocoa is very important.

Condensed milk gives extra milky and chewy texture. Vanilla essence is optional. The groundnuts should be coarsely pounded. Must feel the nuts. Nuts gives the body for the candy. If it's too much, the candy cannot bind and will become very coarsely texture. That is the reason, we need to add little by little while stirring the mixture. If it's too fine, the candy will not taste good. You must feel the crunchiness of the peanuts.

Ingredients :

3 cup grated coconut

2 1/2 cup sugar

1 cup condensed milk

pinch of salt

2 tbsp cocoa powder

1 tbsp milk powder

1 cup peanuts roasted, skinned, coarsely pounded

Water as needed

2 tbsp ghee

Vanilla essence (optional)

Preparation Method :

1. Mix cocoa powder and milk powder with water. Keep aside.

2. Dry roast grated coconut in a medium heated heavy vessel. Fry for at least 3 minutes.

3. Add in sugar, condensed milk, cocoa mixture, 1 spoon of ghee and salt.

4. Mix everything and keep on stirring to avoid the mixture sticking on the pan. Keep on stirring until the mixture moves in the pan without sticking.

5. Foam will be formed and the mixture will roll together in the pan. At this stage, add the roasted peanuts gradually while continue stirring.

6. Add vanilla essence if you want to add little flavor. Purely optional.

7. Turn off flame.

8. Spread the mixture into a greased pan. Cut into squares while it's still hot.

9. Let it cool before serve.