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  • Subashini Pallianysamy

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If you have yet to see my YouTube channel, I've listed all the videos I have posted so far. Please do check them out and don't forget to subscribe to my channel yaa!

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  1. My first ever video as a aspiring Youtuber. We started with a vegetarian mock chicken sambal. You can substitute it with real chicken as well.

2. Our next video is pure non-veg recipe. Its a typical Indian chicken recipe. Try it our as its full of flavors.

3. It's a simple thirst quenching drink and it tastes out of this world. Kids will definitely love it. It doesn't mean adults can't join in the fun as well!

4. My son has been longing to make a video of his own and finally we made it a reality. It's a simple and delicious egg sandwich which your kids at home can try as well.

5. This is a slightly complex version of a sandwich compared to the one that my son made. It turned out really well. The whole family loved it.

6. A family recipe that I would love to share it out here. The crunchiness of the peanut and the sweetness of the coconut will surely entice you to keep on eating this candy!

7. Another chicken recipe. It's full of the tanginess of the lemongrass and spicy chilli. Combinate it with white rice and you have a perfect lunch menu.

8. It's dessert time! Try it and surely you will love it.

9. If you are a vegetarian, this is a MUST TRY recipe. The combination of the soup and asam fish is out of this world!

10. A different take on varuval. Instead of the usual chicken or mutton, we tried it with sardine.

11. Our first baking video. It's a very simple spiced orange cake. The tanginess flavor of orange and spice will unquestionably awaken your senses.

12. Our next dessert menu is the appetizing Nyonya style Bubur Cha Cha.

13. This is my favorite chicken curry recipe. Try it yourself and it could be yours too!

14. A perfect combination for the chicken curry recipe above.

15. Mouth-watering recipe. We made a perfect version of the famous Daddy Arumugam's recipe to fit a family of 3-4.

16. This noodle is particularly common in the northern region of Malaysia. You could rarely find it in any other parts of Malaysia. It is available on Shopee though. It's not the usual yellow mee. It's a bit harder and tastes delicious.

17. This is my husband's own recipe for fried chicken.

18. A very simple and easy to make chicken briyani.