Me and My Family


Cooking is my passion. All the collections here mostly family recipes, my own creativity and from various sources found on the Internet. I'll be posting at my own leisure as I am a working mom with two young kids and an awesome husband.

Who am I?


I am a Food Technologist by profession under Food Safety and Quality Division. Yes, I know that Food Technology nothing to do with culinary but cooking was my passion since I was young.  My mom is definitely my first master who taught me the art of cooking. Time flies very quickly, though. Now there is abundant TV shows and programs that created more awareness and encouragement in myself to do better.  Learning is a continuous process and it’s really fun for me.

How did my blogging journey begun?

We first launched our blog and it was called Shinieskitchendiary back in 14/1/2011.  The idea blossomed during my confinement period When I was pregnant with my first son. I resigned my job before I gave birth because I felt that my little son was very precious to me and I wanted to give full attention to him.  


After the confinement period and I'm almost back to my usual self. During this time I had full time to cook various dishes for my family. Whenever I cook, I tend to decorate and snap pictures. Just for my satisfaction! I uploaded the pictures through my Facebook under Busy In the Kitchen since I had nothing else to post. I was not a selfie person. 


I received a lot of compliments from friends and it was really encouraging. I started to create the blog and called it Busy In the Kitchen. It took about couple of months to develop the page. Unfortunately, I had to give up the blog because it was not really attractive. Finally I persuaded my husband to develop a blog from scratch. In fact, the first post was edited by him. I learned most of the things from him about the photo editing and so on.



I learned food photography by myself at the beginning. Then I  searched for books which could give better guidance and definitely the internet as well.  Sometimes I would compare my pictures with other best food photographs.

The recipes during the initial periods was mostly from the my old archives treasured from my family. I modified it and made my own version. Some of the recipes I have pulled from various cookbook and magazines. Apart from these, a bunch of recipes I've taken from various bloggers whereby the due credits will be given. 

Our Logos

Our logos has gone through significant change since the first one in 2011.

We first started as Shinies Kitchen Diary as this is our first logo : 



A year later, we updated to a more fancy looking logo. hehehe.



After a year later, we updated to a new look and we tried new color palette. We opted so a simpler look and minimalist look as well.

















And with the launch of our new website today, we have totally revamped our logo to with the trends of 2020. Simple and elegant. That's how we like it.























Thank you for reading through our journey for the past 9 years.

More to come definitely.


Shinies Kitchen

Our Third Shinies Kitchen Logo
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Our First Shinies Kitchen Logo